My life, my choice
ana alfabet

Apply strict rules for eating and stuff

Buy small clothes to remind yourself

Count every calorie

Don't complain about you weight in public,

Eliminate all the possible binge food

Fat free is the way to be

Give away your food

Have a bottle of water with you 24/7

Ignore your cravings by sucking icecubes

Joke about food around people

Kissing burns calories!

Look at thinspo when you've cravings

Make thinspo, do everything for not eating

Never give up

Only eat around people

Participate in challenges

Quit chocolate!

Reward yourself when you reach a goal

Set reasonable goals for yourself 

Think thin, be thin, stay thin!

Unlike fat gross piggs, you will not let food rule you


Write down your intake

X me, together we can

You have control, show it

Zero calories creates perfection!